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6 Month Old Starter Dog

6 month old Retriever who's all trained up and ready to join your pack! Well behaved and trained to listen, obey commands, and match your pace.


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CKC Certified Purebred


Adopt A Trained Golden Retriever Puppy Calgary! | Hearts Of Gold YYC

Adopt a Dog

Comprehensive Training

Along with the Early Neurological Stimulation training that we give to all our puppies, our Starter Dogs are given comprehensive training!


We do this so you can get right into live with your new best friend, and avoid the frustration, expenses, and time that training a young dog entails.

Starter Dog Training Includes:

  • Stimulation Training (ENS)

  • Full Potty Training

  • Basic Commands - "Sit, Lie down, Shake paw, Stay"

  • Leash Walking - "Heal"

  • Crate Trained (comfortable being in a kennel)


Genetically Healthy

Before we breed, our dogs are tested for markers of genetic diseases and disorders, so that our puppies can live happy lives free of inborn physical conditions including:

  • Hip and elbow displasia

  • Eye Problems

  • Cancer

Our pups deserve to live long and healthy lives, and you, thier new family, deserves to be free from steep vet bills, and the emotional stress of caring for a dog with an illness that could have been prevented. 


Schedule A Visit!

Come stop by the ranch and visit the pups!

We cannot say enough amazing things about Hearts of Gold. We got our first Golden from them 5 years ago, and our second 8 months ago! These dogs are healthy, come from litters that were researched genetically and ethically bred.


The breeders are so friendly and personable and very professional. They truly love what they do as it is apparent with the attention and care that goes into each puppy! If we could have a million more puppies, we would, and we wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Angela Verhees

Proud Dog Mom

CKC Certified Purebred

Genetically Healthy and ready for a long happy life. Our puppies are purebred and of good lineage,  registered under the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Clean Bill Of Health (OFA)

Our breeding dogs are tested often for any medical issues. Hip and Elbow X-rays are done often, along with yearly eye exams, cardiovascular testing, and genetic testing. All medical tests are given certification by the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). 

Basic Training

It is our responsibility and passion to give our newborn puppies the conditions, social connection, and love that they need to become the perfect companion. By the time they find their new home, they are ready to be a part of your pack, and become a permanent member of the family.

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